The story of serial harem of Sultan Part III written story of serial harem real Sultan in detail, th

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    The story of serial harem of Sultan Part III written story of serial harem real Sultan in detail, the story of the series Harem Sultan Wikipedia, the story of a serial harem of Sultan 3, Photo heroes series Harem Sultan
    The story of serial harem of Sultan Part III written story of serial harem real Sultan in detail, the story of the series Harem Sultan Wikipedia, the story of a serial harem of Sultan 3
    Harem Sultan or Great Horn Muhteşem Yüzyıl series historical belongs to quality soap opera is the largest television production tells the side of life tenth sultans of the Ottoman Empire and the greatest reputation and the strength of the series to take the emotional side of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent son of Sultan Selim I raised soap opera Turkish street with 70 thousand a complaint against him sent the Supreme Council of the Turkish Radio and Television. managed "harem Sultan" that turns into a modern Arab cities, to achieve unparalleled viewing ratios. To prepare a more serials exclusive industry Turkish drama, and becomes the Turkish series dubbed بحلقاته five fifty first part of a more business excellence including the magnitude of the exciting social and variations historical documented had a direct impact in the dramatic plot pulls the viewer and make him live days of Sultan Suleiman all its Tales behind the scenes and in the mysteries of the Ottoman palaces in that period, making it truly the largest series in the history of Turkish historical drama largest Turkish drama.

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    Historical story

    He took office at the age of only 25 years after the death of his father .. Spent Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent Forty-six years on top of the power in the Ottoman state, and reached during the course of state summit degrees of force and power; where widened deferred on a scale not seen before, and extended its authority on many countries of the world in Garath three, and extended its prestige expanded to the whole world , and became mistress of the world courted and states and kingdoms, and upgraded the systems and laws that life goes in the accuracy of the system, without contrary to Islamic law, which was keen Al Othman to respect and abide by all over the state, and elevated the arts and literature, and architecture flourished and construction.

    Western historians have considered this authority one of the greatest kings throughout history because the scope of his reign included a lot of capitals other civilizations Kothena and Sofia, Baghdad, Damascus, Istanbul, Budapest, Belgrade and Cairo and Bucharest, Tabriz and others.

    His wife the Roxlana series champion Harem Sultan who we're talking about in this subject after violating the Ottoman tradition, married Solomon harem girl, Roxlan, which became the harem of Sultan plots queen in the footnote and its impact on the Sultan made them very famous. Took their son, Selim II, the succession of Solomon after his death in 1566 after 46 years of rule
    Summary series
    Nibahat Jerry led the role of the Sultan Hafsa

    Narrates the series "harem Sultan" the life story of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, who ruled the Ottoman Empire in its golden period of the year 1520 AD, and until his death in 1566. It is the life story of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, who brought the judgment of the Ottoman Empire to the height of its glory. The most important ruler in the history of the Ottoman Empire. Revolves series "Harem Sultan" during the period of the sixteenth century, and review the events that take place at the headquarters of Harem Sultan known Baharof Royal, and highlights the love affair that brought the Sultan with a Gariaat that become later his wife and an influential and significant impact on the lives of the Sultan and the Ottoman Empire entire . And initiate series episodes first rise of Sultan Suleiman the legitimate right to power aged 26 years, after laying in mind the objective of establishing an empire stronger than the power of Alexander the Great and makes Ottoman power invincible, and becomes during his reign, which lasted 46 years, Sultan young, and warrior the great ruler, after receiving the news of his coronation at a party fishing year 1520 is not aware that he will rule in territories beyond his dreams. Upon his inauguration as governor of the Ottoman Empire left his wife (Mahedfran) and his young son Mustafa and his palace in the (Manisa), to set off, accompanied by his close friend and comrade Abraham to reach the Topkapi Palace in the capital Astana. In the meantime, the ship sailed to the Ottoman Black Sea to bring gifts for women Palace, one of whom (Alexandra La Russa), the daughter of a Ukrainian Orthodox priest sold to minors. Which will become in the future (Horim), wife of Sultan Suleiman and ستنجب him Salim, who will rule of the Ottoman Empire after the death of his father through a series of intrigues and bloodshed that pay for it and the great vizier Ibrahim. In addition to his execution to one of his sons to continue to bloody power play, where the end justifies the means, everything becomes acceptable in order to win the game of politics and power.
    Criticism of the series

    Despite all the successes achieved by the series, and although also destroyed records in the number of viewers. The Turkish series Harem Sultan faced criticism several exciting at the same time a storm of debates and controversies, he had received more than 75 thousand complaints, because of what was described as a "manipulation historical facts" A complaint to stop the serial largest in the history of the Turkish drama and added that he focused on the side of life Social just for Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, not to mention his life the political Kanjazath and conquests. Even the social aspect has been a negative statement, Sultan Suleiman has shown that "Arbid" sipping wine and flirt with women. In this context, has accused Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's trying to show the negative side of Turkey's history to the younger generation. On the other hand saw the Arab viewers that he was "deceived" after discovering through the series harem of Sultan How to be historical series. Afternoon serial harem Sultan, who appeared in a new suit and impose the same manner ejected based on accurate details, and high-tech professional in photography, and performance representatives confident, and elements of dazzling camera movement and angles that force the viewer to prosecute the scene, and other technical tools that prompted the public to follow and admiration. Hence began the Arab viewer calls Bmslslat historic high quality.

    Actress was chosen German of Turkish origin Mary Aozirle as it is the closest in terms of shape of the Sultana true, as they have mastered many languages, necessary to embody the role. Turkish actress overlook Noor Kisan known as the Nissan in Mamnoua series through the series in the role of ongoing Circassian and wife without a contract for the Sultan and mother of his sons. Noor Isaan embodies the role of a turnover Maids mAh Sultan and closest to his heart, has given birth to a son to become as his wife. This embodies the Turkish actor Khaled Argensc and had peered Khalid starred in the Turkish series supreme role of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. He was born April 30, 1970 in Istanbul. Was also selected Nibahat Jerry known as Fairuz Khanum Mamnoua to embody the role of the Sultan Sultan's mother.
    Dubbing the series

    Ensured Times Company prepare and dubbing the Turkish series harem of the Sultan. The company is known to perform dubbing much. The distribution rights in the Arab world is the king of DMI.
    Dubbing place names

    Not change the names of countries, cities and places in the series for two reasons. The first is that the names of cities and regions is now known. Secondly, the series harem of Sultan is a historical series, this writer could not change the names of palaces or even battles. Hence, dubbing Keep the Turkish names of countries not only in this series, but all serials. This is thanks to know the Arab people Turkish areas.
    Dubbing names

    Habit dubbing Turkish Series, and although the series history and characters of the series was real, but has Dbbajh some names characters of the series, due to the unpronounceable names original characters such as Roxlan ongoing love Sultan turned after dubbing to Alexandra and when converted to Islam and changed its name to "Horim" or as say it Arabs "Khurim" dubbing name to Huyam, and Sultan's second wife "Mahdoran" turned into Nahed rotation, and "Julfdan" Sultan's first wife can not have children yet turned to draw, a lot of the characters have been changed their names
    Staff in the Arabic version

    Sound Engineering: Amr Ayman Tinker

    Mixing: Manar Tinker

    Editing: humans Faisal Kahveci

    Setup: Sami Khuys and Suad al-Khatib

    Translation: Ghazal Yeşilay Ihsanoglu

    Assistant Director: Samar Khalil and Safa Awad

    Management of production processes: Glenn Clark and Margaret Clark

    Technical Supervision: Please Khalil al-Atassi

    Technical supervision: Manar Ayman Tinker

    General supervision: Adnan Hamza
    Champions series
    Name Representative role explanation
    Khalid Argensc Sulaiman legal successor tenth of the Ottomans
    Noor Vtahglu Nahed turnover Concubine first gave birth to his first son Mustafa
    Mary Aozirle Hiam or Roxlana Concubine II gave birth to the Sultan of five children
    Nibahat Jerry Ayse Hafsa Sultan mother and the wife of Sultan Suleiman Sultan Selim I.
    Okan Aallbeck Ibrahim Pasha, Grand Vizier Frankish
    Salma Argch Sultana Khadija sister of Sultan.
    Velez Ahmed Ferial the Khanum responsible servants
    Alp O'Kane the Pope Clement VII in that period.
    Salma Kachik six Dora maid mother Sultana.
    Nihal Byukachj "Kausar" maid Mahdfran
    Salim Barkiar Simbel Agha Agha harem
    Fatih Al Nasouh Asalahi painter, and miniature
    Muhammad Qonsar Amir Shahzad Mustafa eldest son of the legal

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